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“I worked at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, where I liaised between business that are starting up and already established in Shanghai and integrating themselves into the Chinese market. I also helped coordinate events and attend networking events.”

“The Bund is a fantastic place to go in Shanghai – especially if you can get into the bars (e.g. Bar Rouge) as you get a fantastic view of the skyline.”

“I chose CRCC Asia because China is all about who you know, not what you know, so my placement was perfect. I made contact and networked with important people and got my name across. I am still in contact with the people I worked with at the Spanish Chamber, and on my behalf are sending my CV throughout their network. I plan to return to Shanghai in the next few weeks and am hoping to secure a job.”

“I worked in a Chinese marketing company called Imagine Displays for two months in 2010. Imagine Displays branded German and US company products in Beijing. I also helped with the website and assisted the Director with organising and attending business meetings.”

“CRCC Asia was fantastic at organising events ranging from dinner to nights out to theatre shows – the support they gave us was every minute of the day. Their local knowledge was more than enough to make it an amazing experience.”

“I found the office culture really similar to London, but when you go out to the business meetings you recognise the differences in business culture.”

“I worked for a global company called Auditoire, which was originally a French company that is operating in Beijing. My tasks included things such as research projects – a client would come in and I would create a mood board for their event, and I also went to hotels which was good for networking.”

“Beijing is an amazing city – my favourite place is the Summer Palace. I recommend everyone to go there!”

“The activities planned by CRCC Asia whilst I was in China and even now I am back home are really beneficial. They are really well organised so you can relax and just get to know the other interns.”

“The company I worked for was called CSR Asia – they promote corporate social responsibility in companies in China. My tasks included looking into Chinese and foreign companies, researching and comparing their CSR policies, and writing reports.”

“The highlight of my China trip was definitely the trip to the Great Wall of China – we walked for over 2 miles along it.”

“There was one night we went the night market (an event put on by CRCC Asia) where we samples some of the more interesting dishes in Chinese cuisine. These included Lamb’s intestine, bird’s heads, and scorpions.”


“In Shanghai my internship was at a logistics firm, working within the relocations service department. I helped built their internal operations manual for the relocation services.”

“I was afraid the work would be simple – but it ended up being very engaging. I finished the manual for the relocation services, so I also worked on a relocation services packet – these get given to families moving to the cities that help them adapt.”

“The experience that I got here was definitely useful to my career. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely got a lot of experience of how business is conducted internationally. I definitely think it was rewarding – I would do it again.”

“Mi pasantía fue en una empresa internacional de ingeniería que se dedica a hacer sensores. Modelamos y también los vendemos en la compañía. En el trabajo hice modelos bidimensionales, también trabajé en grupo, hice sensores con una máquina de horno, y aparte de eso manejé un grupo como líder y me encantó. La cultura es diferente, pero la comunicación fue genial entre todos. Pienso que todo el mundo debería tener esta oportunidad. Si uno es de ingenierías o de negocios, a las empresas les encantará saber que estuvo en China porque quiso, y quiso aprender la cultura, aprender un poco de chino y también a comunicarse con gente de diferentes culturas.”


“My family contact in China could only get me experience with local companies in Shanghai – but CRCC has great connections and got me an internship in Shanghai with a good company. An international head hunter company!”

“Working in an international setting is very different from a local company – you have to know yourself, understand other’s cultures, and respect them. You need understanding and patience to work here well – my communication skills have improved as a result of this experience.”

“Studying overseas already, I market myself as international material – my goal and dream is to work internationally. Through this experience, I am learning what this international working environment looks like.”

“I have worked on nearly ten projects so far, which is a lot for one month! The projects I have worked on include market research into IVF and project researching servicing.”

“I have done a lot of shopping, gone to a lot of markets! I love the markets! I don’t know how I am going to take all my stuff home yet.”

“When I first got here, a lot of people stared at me because I was a foreigner, but I have grown used to it. My supervisor told me to wear sunglasses and pretend like you are a rock star!”

“My internship in Shanghai in the pharmaceuticals sector will help me with my career – people in this industry don’t do inter-state, or even internship abroad. I am planning to come back, I have loved my experience here.”

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