Internship in Beijing

Internship in Beijing

Beijing is the traditional seat of power in China. In the past it has been home to China’s ruling imperial families, and the city still serves as the country’s heart, as well as its political, educational and cultural hub. Beijing is home to some of China’s most awe-inspiring sights and monuments.

The following programs are available in Beijing:

Our China Internship Program in Beijing is tailored to enhance both your professional and personal development, by offering placements in a range of different internship sectors, including Finance, Accounting, Business, Marketing, Engineering, Legal and many other industries.

Because Beijing is the seat of the Chinese government, it is an important business centre and a vital location for any organisation working in areas related to government policy. For this reason, most large companies have their headquarters or an office in Beijing, and it is the ideal location to undertake internships in business, law, NGOs & Charities, and green-technology.

As part of the China Business & Finance Course you can spend a week in Beijing followed by a week in Shanghai learning about China’s economy, business regulations, entrepreneurship, and financial markets, before returning to Beijing for your internship.

Beijing is the perfect place to take part in our Chinese Language Program or Chinese Language + Internship Program. In the North of China standard Mandarin is spoken, so Beijing is the best place to learn a pure form of the language. Other locations are heavily influenced by local dialects, whereas in Beijing everyone speaks Mandarin.

The program runs every month all year round and is designed for current university students, recent graduates or those people who are seeking a change of career direction, to gain professional work and life experience in China’s Capital City thus placing themselves on a competitive edge in the job market.

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Life in Beijing as an Intern

The streets are densely packed with towering office buildings, trendy bars, huge apartment blocks and shopping malls, and development continues at a dazzling pace. The population, especially the younger generation, is generally trendy and urbane with a love of fashion. You can barter for a bargain at one of the many markets selling everything from clothes to pet crickets, or head to Sanlitun village for luxury labels and high-end electronics.

Beijing is a very creative city with a thriving art and design community in the 798 Art District, influenced by the blend of ancient tradition and urban modernity. Although it is one of China’s largest metropolitan areas, there are plenty of green spaces. Early mornings in the lush and ornate parks see gatherings of the older generations practicing Taichi or singing and dancing to traditional songs well into the afternoon. You can also relax at the Summer Palace, where ornate temples, bridges and walkways are spread across an expanse of lakes and hills.

Despite the rate of change, Beijing’s traditions are still a strong influence on daily life in the city, where you can find old men playing cards or mahjong on the pavements of winding hutongs (traditional residential alleyways), quiet monks and worshippers in incense-filled temples, and locals crowding neighbourhood dumpling restaurants. Beijing offers you an insight into China’s past and its future, both during your internship where you learn about the complexities of doing business in such a uniquely structured economy, and in your life outside work as you explore the city.

As the home of countless famous sights and landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, and, just a few hours outside the city, the Great Wall of China, you will never be bored. You can spend the morning wending your way through the courtyards of the Forbidden City, grab lunch from a food stall in the Hutongs, head to the Olympic Park in the afternoon to catch a football game in the Bird’s Nest Stadium or splash down the slides in the Water Cube, then head out in the evening to that moment’s most fashionable restaurants and bars.

Life as a Beijing intern is diverse, unpredictable and deeply fascinating, offering easy access to some of the country’s most famous sights, sounds and tastes.

Your Internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia will include international quality accommodation, various social and networking events, 24/7 support and Chinese Mandarin lessons.

We maintain close contact with our Beijing Internship Program participants after they finish our programs as part of our Alumni Network. We’d recommend reading more about their experiences with the program on our Testimonials & Media page.

For information about Beijing and China in general, including information about Chinese currency, working in China, getting around, and the Chinese language please visit our China Travel Guide, written by previous program participants.

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