Explore our internships in China

CRCC Asia offers one, two, and three-month internships in China, allowing you to experience this mesmerising country and boost your global employability.

Constantly reimagining itself as it races towards the future, yet inextricably linked to its glorious, but complicated past. China is as mesmerising as it is complex, and this is your opportunity to work there. CRCC Asia’s program boasts the opportunity to experience an international internship program in one of three major cities in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Beijing. Through this global internship program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, cuisine, history, business, and ultimately the immense country itself. Our programs and series of dedicated host-companies will ensure you acquire the most essential skills sought by employers in some of the most exciting and thriving cities around the globe. Simply let us know the Career Field you wish to work in and we do the rest! The wealth of skills and knowledge you will gain during your international internship will vastly increase your career prospects and future global employability. It goes without saying that overseas work experience will enrich your CV or resume, and give you the edge you need to land your dream job.