How International Internships Overseas Work

Looking to intern overseas in order to boost your global employability whilst spending time traveling the world? CRCC Asia has you covered.

At CRCC Asia, we provide dynamic internships overseas in 9 amazing worldwide locations and progressive organisations to get you noticed in the job market. With 18 internship career fields to choose from including Law, Finance, and Marketing, we guarantee to find you a placement in a career field of your choice.

We cut out the hassle of organizing an internships overseas by offering award-winning programs that include high-quality accommodation, airport pick-up, business and cultural events, and a dedicated team on the ground to support you throughout your program.

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What’s included in an International Internship Program?

CRCC Asia Intern Abroad Programs

Sound good? We also include materials and services designed to help you settle into life abroad and develop your CRCC Asia 5 Key Learning Objectives;

  • High-quality, centrally located accommodation
  • CareerBridge, our Professional Development Hub, which contains 12 professional development courses
  • Welcome Pack on arrival (SIM & Travel card included)
  • Airport Pickup and Accommodation Drop-off
  • Orientation Weekend including city tour
  • First Day Company Drop-off
  • Business, Cultural, and Community outreach events
  • 24/7 support from on the ground staff
  • Exclusive Alumni Network and LinkedIn groups

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The Five Key Learning Objectives

Throughout your CRCC Asia Internship Overseas you will develop your professional and personal skills via an exclusively designed Program of 5 Key Learning Objectives including;

  • Employability
  • Country Specific Knowledge
  • Career Field Specific Knowledge
  • Global Connections
  • Cultural Agility

Program Options and Prices

Our Program Prices start at $1,700. There are a range of customization options available from Location to Location, so no matter what your goals are, we have a Program to suit you.

Some of our International Internship Programs Options include;

  • Intensive Language Classes
  • Country-wide Travel Programs
  • University campus-based Programs
  • A Placement Only value option

How do I apply for an International Internship? 

It’s easy! You can sign up for an International Internship Program of your choosing in under 5 minutes using our handy online application form.

The International Internship Program Application Process

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